Galaxy Wahoo S

If you’re looking for the ultimate kayak that can be powered by pedal, paddle or motor and that comes fully rigged with lots of accessories as standard then look no further than the Wahoo S series!

Using the Wahoo S series as a pedal kayak allows you to fish hands free and silently, meaning you can pedal while fishing without spooking the fish. The electric motor option allows you to reach your destination at a faster speed and effortlessly! While the paddle option is for those of you who prefer the traditional form of kayaking. All options are great and most importantly fun - leaving you open to switch up between them or simply sticking to the style that fits you best.

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General Info

The Wahoo S series is the brainchild of countless fishermen and kayakers who wanted a versatile kayak that could be adapted to their needs. The result is a kayak that can be purchased with three different propulsion systems as well as various performance improvements to its predecessor. 

The first notable change is the redesigned rocker which lifts the nose and makes this kayak even more sea-worthy. We wanted a kayak that had the right shape, length and width so that it could break waves with ease and still be used comfortably with a paddle. 

Another new feature is the addition of a hand rudder control system. This allows more functionality for those who want to make the most out of the Avanti pedal drive system. The hand rudder offers an easy control system that also helps maximise onboard cockpit space (more room for your stand-up fishing sessions). But don’t fret, for those of you who liked using the foot steering, we’ve left the foot pedals for anyone that so desires. Versatility and customisation is what this kayak is all about.

This spacious kayak comes with an elevated Vista Chair that gives maximum comfort and great visibility as you glide along the water. Another new feature is that the chair has been placed on rails which allows for adjustable positioning when using the new pedal drive system. And of course the chair has been designed with maximum stability in mind so that you can sit comfortably above the water and avoid getting wet.

Unlike our other models that allow you to attach an external motor, the Galaxy Wahoo S incorporates the motor or pedal drive into a dedicated compartment that sits neatly in the centre of the kayak.

The Avanti Pedal Drive is the new pedal drive system for the Galaxy Wahoo S series kayak. This pedal drive has a 1/10 rotation, which means for every rotation of the pedal the propeller turns ten times. The pedal drive also comes with a grease valve for the easy addition of grease and with plastic pedals and a strap so that you can easily use the pedals barefoot.  

Using the Wahoo S series with the electric motor option will allow you to travel long distances the likes of which a strong and fit paddler or pedaller would struggle to cover. And certainly not with as much ease as with using this motor kayak.

Are you a Kayak Fisherman that loves trolling? If so, the Wahoo S series is a wise choice. By choosing either the pedal or motor version of this kayak you can rest assured you can travel at a steady pace and save your energy for what is about to come – that prize catch. This is ideal for trolling as we maintain a steady speed and remove any distractions from our hands. 

As soon as we remove the paddle from our hands we are able to remain focused on our main goal while kayaking – fishing! Hands-free Kayak Fishing means we benefit from quicker reactions to what the rod is doing. We can still easily control the direction of the kayak with the hand rudder control unit with a quick flick of the wrist (or by using the foot pedals).

Using a motor kayak when sudden gusts of wind pick up or when the current is strong also has its obvious benefits. 

Whether it’s for fishing or not this kayak is simply great fun! It allows you to travel longer and further than you have before and experience new waters. It gets you out into nature and opens up a world of new adventures that may not have been possible before.

The Wahoo S Series kayak measures 357cm long by 84cm wide which makes it very stable and also features our new sharp rocker which allows the kayak to easily cut through water. This kayak comes geared up for some serious fishing with four sets of rails, two in the front and two in the rear, for the addition of up to 14 Railblaza Starports. 

Additionally this kayak comes with an electric port that is situated close to the centre hatch. The special waterproof socket allows you to secure the motor in place and quickly plug straight into the power source. The port has cabling pre-mounted through to the battery compartment that is housed in a dedicated enclosure just behind your seat.


This Kayak Includes:

  • Kayak
  • Extra-long two piece Paddle with logo (packed separately)
  • High Vista Seat with logo
  • 8″ Tacklebox


Material – UV resistant, high-grade LLDPE

Length – 357cm, Width – 84cm, Height – 38cm

Weight – 38.5kgs

Max Carry Weight – 180kgs


Motor Specs:

Battery compartment size – 370x200x260mm

Motor Drive system – 44lbs motor 12V 480W

Speeds(Forward/Reverse) – 5/2

Propeller – 2-blade

Motor Size – 395mm * 180mm * 555mm

Motor Weight – 7.4kgs

Recommend battery – 110AH


Avanti Pedal Specs:

Ratio of propellor – 1:10

Size of propellor -31cm

Size of cranks – 16.5cm

Material – Marine grade aluminium

Weight – 7.8kgs

Height – 77cm, Width – 31.5cm


Suitable seat options for NY11 are:

1. A-09D-(2)SL: Beige Vista seat with bent bar and storage pocket + Sliding option for NY11 (Metal buckles)

Additional Info

All our kayaks and products carry a two-year guarantee on any factory defects.



We encourage all potential kayak buyers to come and view the products and discuss the many options available. We have been kayaking for over 40 years and can help in any queries you may have. Don’t get confused with hull shapes, rocker, primary stability, or secondary stability as we will explain it all!



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