The Wacaco Nanopresso is a portable espresso maker that promises to deliver what a moka pot or Aeropress fail to achieve – real crema. This simple, hand-powered espresso maker is one of my favorite ways to get a caffeine fix on the go. It’s small enough to fit in a backpack, hand bag or even fanny pack and makes great-tasting coffee by manually building up pressure via a spring loaded pump. It’s easy to use, it reaches a maximum pressure of 18 bar, but does require some practice in order to get the best possible results from it.

Nanopresso Design and Capacity

The Wacaco Nanopresso is a compact device made of polypropylene plastic and designed to resist high temperatures and pressure.

It consists of 7 parts, including a little scoop and brush. The water tank holds 80 ml/2.7 oz of water and the filter basket can hold 8 grams/0.3 oz of ground coffee. If you’re brewing with a brew ratio of 1:2, it’ll produce 16 grams of espresso. The Nanopresso is a lightweight with only 336 grams to its name. The small espresso cup is actually attached to the water tank, which can be pulled off. Efficiency at its finest. It comes with a travel case for you to store all parts in one place.

How to Use the Wacaco Nanopresso

To kickstart your brew, fill the water tank of your device with hot water and pump several times until completely flushed into a cup. This pre-brewing cycle preheats both the Nanopresso and your drinking vessel.

Fill the filter basket with freshly ground coffee. This can be a bit finicky, unless you fill up the measuring spoon, put the filter basket on top and then turn it to catch the coffee grounds in the basket. Slightly tamp the coffee grounds using the measuring spoon. I sometimes add an extra gram here and tamp again to get to 9 grams/0.31 oz input. Put the filter basket underneath the portafilter and screw it onto the main body.
Fill the tank once more with water fresh off the boil until reaching the mark and tightly attach it to the body.

Release the piston, hold the Nanopresso over a cup and pump it five to six times for pre-infusion. Wait for 10 seconds before continuing to pump once per second. Use a coffee scale for accuracy and pump until the desired output landed in your cup. For me this is mostly an additional 10 to 11 pumps after preinfusion. You should see a nice crema on top.

Carefully open the water tank to discard the excess water or use it to top up your espresso. Discard the coffee grounds after the device cooled down and thoroughly rinse all parts.

Barista Kit for Nanopresso

If the espresso output of your Nanopresso leaves you craving for more, then the Barista Kit is your answer. It comes with all the accessories needed for a double espresso, including a 140 ml/4.73 oz water tank with a cup attached to it, two filter baskets with max 16 gram capacity, one filter basket with max 8 gram capacity, a tamper and a double espresso adapter ring.

To brew a double espresso, simply remove the portafilter from the Nanopresso, screw the adapter ring on and fill the filter basket for double espresso with ground coffee.

Screw the portafilter on and start pumping. Thanks to the increased water capacity and the extra filter baskets you can pop several baskets in and out in a row to increase your output.

Can You Use Pods With Nanopresso?

The NS Capsules adapter for Nanopresso allows you to use NS capsules for a quick and convenient caffeine fix. All you need is a compatible capsule and hot water to prepare your shot of espresso without very little room for error. This setup is ideal for when you’re on the road, in a hurry or simply don’t have space to carry a grinder and coffee beans.

To use it, simply unscrew the top filter head with the filter basket and set aside. Pop the pod basket into the Nanopresso and add a compatible capsule, foil facing up, then screw the head piece on tightly. Fill the tank with water fresh off the boil until the little ridge line. Time to start pumping. That’s it!

Some FINAL Key Features in case you’re still in doubt!

Espresso Anytime, Anywhere: Enjoy the rich and bold flavors of espresso wherever you are – at home, in the office, or on your outdoor adventures.

Compact & Portable: This sleek and lightweight device is a true coffee companion, fitting in your bag or backpack effortlessly.

Hand-Powered: No need for electricity! Just use hot water and your favourite coffee grounds for a perfect shot of espresso.

Exceptional Quality: Wacaco’s espresso machine delivers the same great taste as your favourite coffee shop, without the hassle.

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Ryan RitzKayaks
6 months ago

I am combining two of my favourite things with this product, kayaking & expresso!

Who wouldn’t love a hot espresso while admiring nature and our beautiful coastline away from the cars and pollution?