Fliteboard Lessons

Get away from the crowds and indulge in some first-ever e-Foiling on a Malta Fliteboard experience that is going to be unique and unforgettable for a lifetime.

  • Glide quickly down the waves on a flite-board, an electric surfboard equipped with a carbon wing, without the need for sails, paddles, or a loud gasoline engine.

  • Learn the finer points of e-Foiling from a seasoned instructor and experience the sensation of flight as your foil slices through the water at high speeds.

  • As you gain proficiency in flight, you may document your progress using a GoPro camera.

  • Never tried a board sport? Not an issue. This experience is suitable for individuals with every skill level. Get ready to fly on the water!

Lessons Information

Meeting point
Meeting at Ritz Marine Shop

15 minutes
We will start with the fundamental principles of the eFoil, such as its structure and the operation of the electric motor. We will also explain how the underwater wing works, which creates the thrust needed to lift the surfboard from the water and keep it flying. Next, we will discuss the precautions to take to ensure safety during eFoil use and we will put on a helmet and life jacket.

30 minutes
The instructor will explain the basic technical aspects of the eFoil in the water, such as maintaining balance and controlling speed and direction.

15 minutes
Now that you’re confident with the eFoil, we’ll take some photos and record a small video while you use the board, which we’ll send to you for free.

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