Advanced Elements AFX Backbone for AdvancedFrame Expedition Kayak

Give your kayak the strength of a spine. While every Advanced Elements kayak is designed for the best performance, there are those who seek even higher performance. For paddlers looking to up the ante in the AdvancedFrame line, as well as their Lagoon 2 kayak, Advanced Elements offer their patented BackBone accessory. While this accessory offers its own advantages, it works to further enhance the rigidity and tracking performance of each AdvancedFrame kayak as well as the Lagoon 2.

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General Info

How It Works:

The BackBone is a multi-sectional keel beam that you assemble and install under the inflatable floor inside of your kayak each time you set it up. Once you sit inside of the kayak, your body weight presses the BackBone downward, creating a V-shaped hull which is what enhances the tracking and hull speed of the kayak.


Why Choose It:

The BackBone provides the best in tracking enhancement and the price conscious will notice that the BackBone is considerably less expensive vs. the drop-stitch floor. This BackBone is made from durable aluminum and measures 114.5″ (290.8cm) in length and is designed to be used with the Advanced Elements Expedition Kayak.



  • Give Your Kayak the Strength of A Spine
  • Seek Even Higher Performance
  • Up-the-Ante -In AdvancedFrame Line
  • Patented BackBone Accessory
  • Further Enhance Rigidity & Tracking Performance
  • Multi-Sectional Keel Beam
  • Installs Under Inflatable Floor
  • Body Weight Presses BackBone Downward, Creates V-Shaped Hull
  • Enhances Tracking & Hull Speed
  • Provides Best In-Tracking Enhancement
  • Less Expensive vs. Drop-Stitched Floor
  • Durable Aluminum, Plastic & EVA Foam Construction
  • Length: 114.5″ (290.8cm)

Additional Info

All our kayaks and products carry a two-year guarantee on any factory defects.


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