Aquadesign Swim Paddle Float

The Aquadesign Swim Paddle Float was designed to pull up kayaks and other crafts when in the water. It is an essential safety accessory for those with no kayak rolling experience or in unfavourable conditions.

Fitted with two inflatable compartments, unlike conventional floats it can be used to increase blade buoyancy to facilitate recovery even when the paddle is turning. The paddle blade fits perfectly between both inflatable compartments and is secured by a clip fastener and drawstring.

The Aquadesign Swim Paddle Float eliminates the risk of water build-up thanks to its mesh drainage at the edge of the float. It can also be used to signal your position thanks to its two long reflective side strips.

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  • Reference – SE 4988
  • Dimensions – 60 x 30 x 30 cm (inflated dimensions)
  • Inflation – Muzzle inflation type life jacket or reserve floatability
  • Reflective Strips – Yes. Two 40 x 3 cm reflective strips
  • Handles – Yes
  • Volume – 45 L
  • Color – Yellow



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