Dinghy Seat Cushion with Bag

The perfect accessory for your tender, adding comfort and storage. The padded seat cover is adjustable and fits all inflatable boats and will also fit a large range of other brands too.

The storage bag attaches with a strong zip and the water resistant storage area has a large opening. When you disembark from your tender you can also take this section of the seat with you using the carry strap.



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  • 1.8 - 2.3m dinghy (75cm seat)
  • 2.49-3.2m dinghy (86cm seat)
  • 3.8m dinghy (92cm seat)
  • 4.2m dinghy (106cm seat)


  • Water resistant
  • Adjustable to all Seago inflatable boats
  • Large storage area
  • Detachable bag
  • Carry straps


The Storage Bag will fit a seat:

  • 70cm long – minimum up to around 90cm
  • 20cm wide – maximum
  • 3.5cm thick – maximum

Seat pad size: 81cm x 20cm x 2.2cm
Bag width: 50cm