A car roof loading aid for small boats such as kayaks, canoes, etc.

The new loading aid from ECKLA is made from newly developed aluminium profiles for lateral attachment to you car roof rack.

Robust and elegant. Suitable for all known commercial car roof rack bars with or without grooves.

The extension length is 650mm.

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General Info

We are often asked: How can I get the kayak on and off the roof of the car by myself? Although there are simple solutions that do not require investing additional funds, there are also solutions that offer high security and comfort.


The Eckla extension arm is easily mounted on one of the car’s crossbars. It retracts when you pick up or take off the kayak from the carrier. The vertical stopper prevents the kayak from slipping when it is lifted.


One end of the kayak is placed on the extended arm. Grabbing the other end, push the kayak onto the roof, then, retract the shoulder and use it again to lower the kayak in reverse order.


Additionally, the arm can be completely removed on one side and inserted on the other side of the bar to lift a second kayak on the roof.

Additional Info

All our kayaks and products carry a two-year guarantee on any factory defects. 


We encourage all potential kayak buyers to come and view the products and discuss the many options available.  We have been kayaking for over 40 years and can help in any queries you may have.  Don’t get confused with hull shapes, rocker, primary stability, or secondary stability as we will explain it all!


We are open daily and on Saturdays. Please send us an email on with any questions you may have.