Epic Self Bailer

At Epic Kayaks, weโ€™re always looking for ways to improve your paddling experience by increasing efficiency. One of these is ensuring that the cockpit of your surf ski remains dry. When going through large waves, a surfski cockpit fills with up to 25 kg (55 lbs.) of water โ€“ making your boat slow and sluggish. The new Epic bailer (patent pending) is light years ahead of other methods for draining your cockpit.



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General Info

Faster Draining


When a wave dumps into your cockpit, you want to drain it as quickly as possible to remove the extra weight of the water. This is where the Epic bailer really shines โ€“ draining a full cockpit up to 6 times faster than conventional bailers, venturies or bullet systems.


The Epic bailer is roughly equivalent to a good venturie or bullet system in removing the last few ounces (100g) of water to maintain a completely dry foot well. However, the last few ounces of water are insignificant compared to the multiple kg of water that enter when a wave dumps into your cockpit. Itโ€™s most important to drain the large amounts of water to quickly lighten your boat. The Epic bailer will get you back up to speed significantly faster than any other bailer device on the market.

Additional Info

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