Galaxy Alboran HV

The Galaxy Alborán HV sit on top kayak has been designed for the dedicated fisherman among us and is capable of going further offshore thanks to its aerodynamic design and comfortable build. This model comes fully equipped to land your next big catch! 

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  • Graphite
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General Info

The Alborán HV measures 409cm in length, which allows it to glide through waves more easily and makes it suitable for a wide array of conditions. The kayak is also slightly wider and the angles of the hull have been designed flatter than other kayaks to maximise stability, a key quality for fishing. The Alborán HV kayak also comes with a transducer compartment found under the kayak and placed inside a scupper plug hole for hassle free transducer installations.

Although this is a longer kayak, the Alborán HV comes with a rudder and pedal system which helps manoeuvre the kayak with ease. The newest Alborán HV kayak comes with eight copper inserts strategically placed around your kayak. One at the front, one at the back, two on either side of the paddler and two directly in front of the paddler.

These inserts allow for easy and drill free installation of popular and even mandatory accessories (in certain regions), like the Railblaza Visibility Kit II or Flagwhip at the rear of the kayak, Camera boom or Camera Mount in the front of the kayak, and up to three Tracports which fit perfectly in front and on either side of the kayak.


THIS KAYAK INCLUDES: NEW: Lifeline made from durable rope this durable rope allows  fisherman to connect items to it, and is useful for manoeuvres such as anchor positioning.


Our new kayaks come with three colours with every kayak – Black, White and Orange NEW: rear storage area with bungees: the new models come with three coloured bungees for you to choose your favourite option (Colours included in kayak are Black, White and Orange). This area makes it easy to transport items on the kayak NEW: improved transducer compartment now fits larger transducers and comes with a transducer cover. This means you can fit the transducer under the kayak in direct contact with the water and easily pass cables through to your fish finder whilst keeping the unit nice and protected.


No DIY necessary – Galaxy Kayaks have already done this for you, meaning you can spend more time out on the water 

-8 copper inserts: for safe and hassle free insertion of accessories into the hull of your kayak such as Railblaza Starports. No drilling into your kayak will be necessary. One insert has been placed at the rear of the kayak for the addition of safety equipment like the RailBlaza Flag whip using a Sideport. Another insert was placed in the front of the kayak for accessories like the RailBlaza Camera Mount and Camera booms. There are two inserts placed on either side of the kayak and directly in front of the paddler for mounting various accessories, such as the Tracport, and especially useful for extra support for those interested in kayak sailing using a sail like the Vela Eola. G-Line rudder and pedal system: the new model comes with stronger pedals and a smoother rudder system that allows for an increased angle of manoeuvre and helps control the kayak in rough conditions. Additionally, there is now a new wire protective sleeve on the rudder cable which means it is better protected from water damage and easier to replace Improved waterline: the rear tank of the kayak has been raised by 5cm and the anchor storage has been replaced, which reduces water retention in this section during rough conditions and improves its draining ability.


Our customer research revealed that many fishermen use a box storage setup in the rear of their kayaks, meaning the new tank also improves the stability of using such a storage system 2 silicone pockets: for storing any small items close to hand.


Made from durable silicone and specially designed to help avoid tangling of hooks or other small items 2 paddle clips: to safely store your paddle when not in use. 1 drainage plug: now located in the front of the kayak to further improve its ability to completely drain any bilge water that has been absorbed into the hull after use. Identification plaque: now available on this model Stainless steel screws: have been improved to the highest marine grade steel available 1 central storage hatch: comes with option to use as live bait-well for either a wet or dry setup (just choose whether to use scupper plug) and with hermetic seal. 1 large front storage hatch: for general storage, complete with hermetic seal. 1 rectangular central storage hatch: for smaller items and complete with fish measuring scale on top as well as 4 moulded and hermetic seals. 2 anchor cleats fitting locations: to use as a tie off point, an anchor support or to tie other items to your kayak 1 splash bag: that comes within the hatch.


Note, we recommend storing any fragile items, such as mobile phones, in dedicated waterproof containers (see NRS products) as humidity and condensation can still get within the splash bag 7 drainage points: located around the kayak, allowing you to choose where to drain water whilst maintaining desired areas dry. 7 scupper plugs: made from high quality rubber. Insert and remove when required for self drainage system to activate. 1 moulded anchorage in rear of kayak: for the ability to place an outboard motor. 2 rear screw mounts: to connect accessories such as anchor cleats. 2 large flush mount fixed rod holders: two in the back and designed for trolling 1 bow and stern handle: for easy transport of your kayak 2 side handles: for easy transport of your kayak 1 moulded drink holder: to carry easy access drinks that keep you hydrated. 8 D rings: for easy clip-on of items such as seats. 1 Railblaza Rod Holder R mounting point, 2 moulded foot braces: for comfortable positioning whilst paddling. 1 two-piece paddle: made from high-grade aluminium making it light and weather resistant. The paddle can be easily constructed and deconstructed for easy storage.


  • Length – 409cm
  • Width – 80cm
  • Height – 40cm
  • Weight – 30kg
  • Load – 180kg

Additional Info

All our kayaks and products carry a two-year guarantee on any factory defects.


We encourage all potential kayak buyers to come and view the products and discuss the many options available. We have been kayaking for over 40 years and can help in any queries you may have. Don’t get confused with hull shapes, rocker, primary stability, or secondary stability as we will explain it all!


We are open daily and on Saturdays. Please send us an email on with any questions you may have.