Galaxy Avanti Pedal

The Avanti Pedal Drive is the pedal drive system made to be used with the Wahoo S series kayak. This pedal drive offers a 1/10 pedal to propeller ratio and is designed to be housed in the central console of the Wahoo S using the pedal box system. 

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General Info

The Avanti Pedal Drive is made from sturdy marine grade aluminium with plastic used for the propellers and foot pads. The pedals come in the thick plastic which makes it suitable for barefoot use and also includes Velcro straps to secure and improve pedalling performance.

The Avanti Pedal Drive features a grease valve for the easy addition of grease which is vital for product lifetime and maintenance. 

This pedal drive is ideal for your next hands free kayaking session!


  • Marine grade aluminium components
  • 1/10 pedal to propeller ratio
  • Plastic pedals with Velcro straps
  • Grease valve for maintenance
  • Seals on joints for protection


  • Ratio of propeller – 1:10
  • Size of propeller – 31cm
  • Size of cranks – 16.5cm
  • Material – Marine grade aluminium
  • Weight – 7.8kgs
  • Height – 77cm
  • Width – 31.5cm

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