Galaxy Large storage hatch for kayak with splash bag (A-18b for NY01)

The storage hatch is an important feature of our kayaks allowing you to store items close at hand. It comes in 2 sizes, this small 20cm hatch and our large 26cm hatch. 

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General Info

The storage hatch comes with an inserted splash bag that allows you to keep material in place and not sliding along the inner hull of the kayak. The splash bag is made of plastic woven fibres that will repel water from it. The splash bag is not waterproof and for peace of mind we recommend you place all delicate equipment inside a dry bag.


This sealed storage hatch measures 26cm in diameter and comes with a locking pin mechanism.


The inner seal of the lid is made of rubber and surrounds the inner lip of the lid. The seal can erode over time by exposure to things like water, salt and sun and we recommend you look after it and replace it from time to time. 


  • Hermetic seal
  • Lock pin mechanism
  • Splash bag included


  • Material – Plastic, rubber insert and woven plastic splash bag
  • Measurement – 26cm diamtere
  • Weight – 510-g
  • Fits – Cruz 2014 models and Alboran