Galaxy Premium Comfort Seat

The premium comfort seat is great for all day paddling or for anyone who suffers with a bad back. The seat is padded with 30mm of dense foam and coated with a neoprene woven fabric.

This allows a more comfortable ride for those who plan on spending more time on the water.

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General Info

This seat comes standard with the following models: Alboran, Cruz, Cruz Tandem Fisher.


This comfortable seat is durable and made of high-quality material. It is UV resistant, meaning a longer lasting product for those who put it through frequent use. The dense neoprene foam is designed to tolerate constant wet conditions and will dry out without loosing cushioned support or structure.


The seat is easily attached to most sit-on-top kayaks by using its brass hooks to attach to D rings on your kayak. It also features adjustable straps to fit the seat according to your body size and preference.


The rear of the backrest has a detachable backpack that clips on to the seat neatly using 4 plastic belt clips. It can hold some of your more precious cargo and you can simply unclip it and store the backpack away when needed.


The backpack sits elevated form the wetter parts of the kayak but if you store delicate electronic equipment we suggest you always use an NRS dry bag to be safe. The backpack opens and closes with a resistant zipper located on the upper side that allows you to access your fishing gear while out on the water.


  • 30mm dense foam padding
  • 4 adjustable straps so you can adjust the chair to your body size
  • 4 Brass hooks to attach the seat to your kayak
  • Rear backrest has a detachable backpack with zipper to store items close to hand
  • UV resistant
  • It easily attaches to most sit-on-top kayaks with D rings


Material – Dense foam and woven plastic material
Measurements – back 50cm x 45cm, seat 30cm x 36cm
Weight – 1,2kg

Additional Info

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