Galaxy Swivel Pro Rod Holder with rectangular mount

This 360-degree rotating rod holder can be fitted onto all Galaxy Fishing Kayaks with accessory fixtures.

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General Info

The swivel pro rod holder comes with either a rectangular mount or with a G-Star mount system. Be sure to know which one you are looking for before making your purchase.


This rod holder can tilt and rotate in a number of ways at various degrees to accommodate a wide range of kayak fishing techniques. The rod holder can then be locked into place to prevent movement. 


This swivel pro rod holder comes in two parts; a rod holder and base mount unit. The base includes a rectangular platform with holes in each corner and a ball system. The unit comes with four marine grade stainless steel screws to anchor into the pre-drilled fixtures on your kayak. The rod holder is then attached to the base using a ball and socket mechanism that allows you to move your rod into your preferred fishing position. Almost all fishing rods will fit into the holder but we suggest a kayak fishing rod with a shorter handle and a lighter reel to keep weight down.


The Swivel Pro Rod Holder with rectangular mount can be added to the following Galaxy Kayak fishing models: Cruz, Blaze, Alborán and Cruz Tandem.


Other kayak brands with rectangular accessory screw mounts can also accommodate the Swivel pro rod holder.


  • 360 degree rotation
  • 90 degree tilt
  • Locking mechanism
  • 4 Marine grade stainless steel screws


Material – Plastic and marine grade steel screws
Measurement – 22cm x 10cm
Weight – 355g

Additional Info

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