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Whether you're a seasoned sea kayaker or someone eager to embark on their first salty adventure, our Adventure Gift Vouchers are your ticket to unforgettable experiences on the Mediterranean waves.

Get your friend or family member ready for adventure with this gift voucher.

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⭐ Why Choose Our Gift Vouchers?

Top-Notch Equipment: We retail top-quality sea kayaks and gear, ensuring a comfortable, safe and enjoyable experience when you are out at sea.

Mesmerizing Coastlines: Explore the hidden caves, dramatic cliffs, and crystal-clear waters that make Malta’s coastline a kayaker’s paradise.


Ready to set sail on this extraordinary opportunity? 

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All our products carry a two-year guarantee on any factory defects. 


We encourage all potential  buyers to come and view the products and discuss the many options available.  


We are open daily and on Saturdays. Please send us an email on with any questions you may have.