Gumotex Thaya

The revolutionary THAYA inflatable kayak, using a combination of our special NITRILON® material and Dropstitch* technology, is defined by excellent stability, stiffness and manoeuvrability.

The unique combination of the inflatable side tubes and modern Dropstitch* technology creates a universal combination which maximizes the user’s comfort and improves the handling properties of the boat. An additional foredeck (optional accessory) protects it from water flowing over the bow, and so increases the user’s comfort during paddling (eg. on sea).

It can be adjusted for 1, 2 adults or 2 adults + 1 child.

*Dropstitch technology is based on the connection of the upper and lower layers of the fabric with thousands of polyester fibers. This fabric, equipped with an airtight coating, is protected from both sides by a resistant NITRILON® material. Thanks to the thousands fibers holding the both layers together, these products can be inflated up to very high pressure. It enables the material to obtain robustness approaching that of solid materials, and that is with the preservation of the same rollability as our existing boats.

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General Info

The kayak is supplied with two seats. The third seat and additional foredeck it is possible to purchase separately as an accessory.


  • Adjustable footrest in front and in the back (for conversion to a single kayak)
  • Comfortable inflatable seat made from a drop-stitch material
  • Grab handles for easy handling
  • Safety ropes on the bow and stern
  • Fixture for tracking fin
  • Tracking fin
  • Push-push valves
  • Valve wrench for Push-Push and overpressure valve
  • Repair kit
  • Transport drybag 100l


  • Length (cm) – 410
  • Width (cm) – 89
  • Weight (kg) – 17.5
  • Max. load (kg) – 230
  • Material – NITRILON®
  • Paddle type – Kayak
  • Max. number of persons – 2 adults + 1 child
  • Air chambers – 3+2 / 4 / 6+2
  • Packed dimension (cm) – 63 x 40 x 26
  • Max. operation pressure (Mpa / Bar / PSI) – 0.02 / 0.2 /3.0 ; 0.05 / 0.5 / 7.2
  • Cardboard box dimension (cm)  – 70 x 48 x 32

Additional Info

All our kayaks and products carry a two-year guarantee on any factory defects. 


We encourage all potential kayak buyers to come and view the products and discuss the many options available.  We have been kayaking for over 40 years and can help in any queries you may have.  Don’t get confused with hull shapes, rocker, primary stability, or secondary stability as we will explain it all!


We are open daily and on Saturdays. Please send us an email on with any questions you may have.