Honda Marine Outboard | 5HP | Long Shaft | Tiller

HONDA Outboard BF 5 LHU Short Shaft 3.7 kW 5 Hp 127 cm³

Honda BF5 LHU is an outboard motor, it is powerful enough to take you into coastal waters on an inflatable boat or dinghy. Lightweight to carry, they include ergonomic handles and can be easily stored in the trunk of your car.

The Honda BF5 LHU outboards are single cylinder 4-stroke engines with a top valve. They are easy to start with a manual system that allows the engine to run freely right away. The outboards have the most advanced technology that precisely controls the ignition phase, so when you start it, even in cold weather, it will start without hesitation. The air-cooled BF5 LHU provides great maneuverability with 360° rotation and a built-in fuel saving space tank. Easy to transport wherever you wish to go.

It is very important for a small boat to be agile and able to change direction quickly. The small Honda BF5 LHU has a fast turning action, which is perfect for reversing without changing gears. Just turn the rudder 180 degrees and the boat is able to move in reverse. You'll be able to maneuver around tight spots in a harbor with ease.

These Honda BF5 LHU outboards are the lightest in their class, so it's no wonder they're easy to pull out. They've been made easier to carry, with an ergonomic handle positioned at just the right balance point, allowing you to walk normally without effort.

First, the aluminum housing is anodized using Honda's patented "double seal" process (1). Then a layer of epoxy primer is applied (2) before silver gloss paint (3). As additional UV protection, a clear resin (4) is applied as a top coat. For added safety, a sacrificial anode is applied to all waterproof connectors.

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Fuel                                            :          Gasoline

Engine                                       :        OHV, 4 Stroke

Ignition                                     :        Electronic PGM-IG

Starting System                       :       Manual

Engine Capacity (Cm³)         :      127

Number Cylinders                         1

Cooling                                     :       Water (With Thermostat)

Bore X Stroke (Mm)              :        60 X 45

Reduction Ratio                     :        2.08

Rpm At Full Throttle (Rpm):      4500 – 5500

Appearance And Engine Lifting    :  Manual / Manual 5 Position

Transom Height (Mm)    :               572

Net Power (KW)               :               3.7

Fuel Tank Capacity (L)   :               12

Length (Mm)                    :               525

Width (Mm)                     :               350

Height (Mm)                    :               1135

Dry Weight (Kg)              :               27.5

Shaft Length                     :              L

Controls                             :              Tiller


Net Power (kW): 3.7
Net Power (Hp): 5
Displacement: 127 cm³
Shank Length: Long
Dry Weight (Kg) : 27.5
Boosting: Electric
Initiation System: Electronic PGM-IG
Type of Control: Tiller Mounted
Engine Mounting and Lifting: 5 Position Manual
Transom Height (mm): 561
Length (mm): 524
Width (mm): 347
Height (mm): 1147
Bore x Stroke: 60 x 45 mm
Mark Engine: Honda
Engine Type: OHV, 4-stroke
Number of Cylinders: 1
RPM at full throttle (rpm): 4500-5500
Cooling System: Water
Battery Charging Capacity (A): 6