Menabo Fixing Kit Deltakit

This is the Foot & Bar Fixing Kit Delta for two Tema Bars.  

With this, you will also need to purchase a Pair of Tema Bars. 


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General Info

Contact us before ordering online. 

Modern cars are sleek and aerodynamic and most do not have the old fashioned rain gutter rails along the roof that were on most cars up to the early 1990’s.


If your car is a Modern Car then you need to buy two items of the kit:

– a Set of Roof Bars.

– a Bar  & Fixing Foot Kit which is designed to securely fasten the Bars to your Car. This is what you are selecting here (The  bar and Fixing foot Kit).


Message us for any assistance.

(This product does not include the 2 Tema Bars.)

Additional Info

All our products carry a two-year guarantee on any factory defects.



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