Menabo Towbar Bike Rack Alcor

Are you planning to go for a ride in the mountains with your friends or together with your family but you have no idea how to take your bicycles on the road? 

The Menabo Towbar Bike Rack Alcor is perfect for you!

Steel frame (with aluminium rails) towbar bike rack. Suitable for E-bikes and fat bikes. Tilting system to allow an easy access to the trunk. Antitheft system. Available in 3 models.


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General Info

The Alcor 2 universal tow bar bike carrier is the most comfortable and reliable way to transport your bicycles anywhere, without the need to install roof bars or having to fold down the car seats: Alcor 2 is an intelligent accessory designed to drastically reduce its footprint and make the most of the tow hook of your car where it is available.


This bike carrier is a model that is particularly popular for its practicality, thanks to an easy and safe attachment mechanism, it allows you to secure the bike holder quickly and without wasting time. Fixed to the car’s tow bar, the universal Alcor 2 tow bar bike carrier allows you to transport 2 bicycles at the same time without having to disassemble them or put them on the roof; once lifted, the bicycles will be stored on their rails, fixed to the frame by means of the removable arm, and blocked by means of the sliding belts placed at the end of the tracks which firmly secure the wheels to the structure.


Characterized by a competitive quality / price ratio and high quality materials used in the construction, the universal bike carrier for towbar Alcor 2 is compatible with e-bikes and fat bikes and can be assembled very simply and quickly, thanks to the practical instruction manual included in the package which explains step by step all the procedures to be followed.

One of the main advantages of the universal bike carrier Alcor 2 compared to other bike carrier solutions is represented by the quick and simple assembly, as it only takes a few seconds to attach it correctly to the car towbar; secondly, since there is no contact with the car, with this universal bike carrier you have the certainty of not causing damage or scratches to the bodywork, moreover this system offers excellent stability of the bicycles during transport, which are placed in such a position not to obstruct the view while driving.


The universal bike carrier for towbar Alcor 2 is equipped with a tilting function with a pedal tilting system that facilitates the loading and unloading of bicycles, and allows the trunk to be opened even when the bicycles are already positioned. It also features the additional section to apply the plate to the rear of the bike rack, so that it is visible to those who are driving behind you, and is complete with an anti-theft lock.


Not all cars have a towbar, so if your car does not have one, you need to add it.



Designed for: 2 bikes with a maximum payload of 60 kg

Anti-theft system: included



Designed for: 3 bikes with a maximum payload of 60 kg

Anti-theft system: included



Designed for: 4 bikes with a maximum payload of 60 kg

Anti-theft system: included

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