Perception Expression 11

One of our Best Sellers! Light, fast and comfortable.


The Expression 11 is a sleek crossover between a sporty recreational and touring kayak. This stable and easily maneuverable craft is designed to handle a multitude of waters and ideal for fishing, cave exploring and rock hopping.

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  • Dapper
  • Deja Vu
  • Sea Spray
  • Sunset

General Info

Designed with beginner to intermediate paddlers in mind, the Expression’s paddling performance builds confidence and skill and is the ideal stepping stone into the world of touring. The hull design of the Expression 11 is a perfect balance of overall stability without sacrificing maneuverability. The shorter length is more user-friendly for people who haven’t yet mastered a longer touring kayak.



  • Leak-proof one-piece construction
  • Built-in buoyancy
  • Assured on-water security

Most Comfortable

  • Back-friendly seats
  • Superior cushioning
  • Best-in-class ergonomic support
  • All-day comfort
  • Large open cockpit
  • Easy on legs

Most Stable

  • Easiest to enter/exit
  • Steady on-water feel
  • Most secure paddling experience
  • World-class design and engineering

Most Durable

  • Highest UV, impact and abrasion resistance
  • Proprietary high-density polyethylene
  • Industry-leading rotational moulding process
  • Wear-proof colours and graphics


  • Oval Dual Density Stern Hatch
  • TruTrak Skeg System
  • Stern Bulkhead
  • Adjustable Pedal Footrests
  • Superlinear Polyethylene Shell
  • Retractable Carry Handles
  • Zone DLX Seating System with Leg Lifters
  • Adjustable Padded Thigh Braces
  • Special Order with Zone EXP Backband
  • Bow and Stern Deck Riggin


LENGTH: 11′ 7″ / 353 CM

WIDTH: 25.75″ / 65 CM


DECK HEIGHT: 14.5″ / 37 CM


COCKPIT WIDTH: 20.25″ / 51 CM



*Specifications and features are subject to change. Colours may vary slightly from those shown. Colour combinations will vary from those shown and are unique for each boat we produce. Variations in colour are not covered by warranty.

Additional Info

All our kayaks and products carry a two-year guarantee on any factory defects.



We encourage all potential kayak buyers to come and view the products and discuss the many options available. We have been kayaking for over 40 years and can help in any queries you may have. Don’t get confused with hull shapes, rocker, primary stability, or secondary stability as we will explain it all!



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