Railblaza QuikPort

Are you ready to take your inflatable boat, SUP, or cooler adventure to the next level?


QuikPort by RAILBLAZA is here to transform the way you accessorize, making every camping and boating trip as enjoyable as possible. With this stylish yet low profile device, you can attach your camera, navigation lights, phone, drink holder, and other light-duty applications without a single drilling hole!


The QuikPort comes with a powerful 3M VHB self-adhesive pad which makes for an amazingly easy application on almost any surface including PVC and fiberglass.


Not only is it fast and simple to set up but it even works perfectly on polyethylene kayaks. So don’t wait! Get a game-changing experience when you join the many others who have already made their lives better with the RAILBLAZA QuickPort today!

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  • Black
  • White


– Easy installation

– Includes 3M VHB self-adhesive pad

– Can be mounted anywhere

– No need to drill holes


Parts Included:
1 x QuikPort


Material Composition
UV Stabilized Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic

Additional Info

TRANSFORM YOUR BOATING ADVENTURE – The RAILBLAZA QuikPort is here to make your life easier and more enjoyable. No drilling holes necessary! Just attach it in seconds and you’re good to go with all of your favorite accessories.


3M VHB SELF-ADHESIVE PAD – This powerful pad ensures an easy, fast, and reliable application on almost any surface. It’s perfect for PVC, fiberglass, polyethylene kayaks, and more!


GAME-CHANGING EXPERIENCE – Join the many others who have already made their lives better with the RAILBLAZA QuickPort. Get yours today and enjoy a new level of convenience and versatility when boating or camping.