Riot Edge 15

The Riot Edge 15 is one of our most versatile touring kayaks. Its cutting V shape bow and waterline length have been designed to provide stability and predictable behaviour. The Edge 15 is easy to handle, requiring minimum effort to maintain a good cruising speed. This boat is sure to appeal to the day or weekend paddler who love to go exploring in all weather and water conditions, without needing the storage of a 17ft kayak.

Comes as standard with a retractable skeg.

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  • Sky
  • Yellow/Red


  • Bow Rubber Storage Hatch with Sealed Bulkhead
  • Stern Rubber Storage Hatch with Sealed Bulkhead
  • Rectractable Skeg System as Standard
  • Deck Bungee Lines for Additional Storage
  • HPDE Plastic Construction
  • Bow and Stern Carrying Handles


  • Length – 457 cm
  • Width – 59 cm
  • Weight – 29.2 kg
  • Spray deck size – Riot Nylon 2X-LARGE
  • Manufacturers Weight Capacity – 118 kg

Additional Info

All our kayaks and products carry a two-year guarantee on any factory defects. 


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