Spinera 12V Boating and Camping Pump 0.58 PSI

Ideal for towables and other small or mid size inflatable products.

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  • Material: ABS Black color
  • Voltage: USB cable
  • Battery: Built-in NI-MH battery 1300mA
  • Pressure: 0.45PSI
  • Airflow: Average 240L/Min
  • Size: Product: 11*9*9.8cm
  • Weight N.W: 3.6Kg
  • Accessories: Three universal nozzle, USB cable, AC adapter and DC adapter.
  • Function Outdoor Inflate and deflate for air bed ,toys ,air sofa air pool, swimming etc..


  • Pressure up to 0.58psi (= 0,04bar) ,
  • 420 L / min Airflow,
  • 80Watt,
  • DC12V,
  • Size 9.5 x 7.7 x 13cm
  • Incl. 12V cigarette lighter plug

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