Spinera Rocket 2

This banana is made for the highest demands and durability. It is completely enclosed in a nylon cover, the drawbar eye is sewn at several draw points and the soft nylon handles with underlying neoprene pads represent the outstanding quality of Spinera.

Grant your little ones the best time on the sea or go back to your childhood with Spinera Rocket 2-3-4 towable banana!

This inflatable banana boat will provide the perfect water pleasure for your kids and help them create unforgettable memories. It comes with 2-4 padded seats and padded handles to grab on during the ride. It also comes with an extra strong towpoint, which will ensure that you can use your tube for a long time.

Enjoy it, if the rocket also shoots you from time to time!

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  • Size: 93,3×44,5×20,25 ” / 237x113x51cm (inflated)
  • 28 gauge
  • PVC thickness: 0.7mm
  • Nylon Cover Thickness: 840D
  • Fully padded double handles: 2
  • 3 Boston Valves for fast inflation & deflation
  • Quick connection hook – (Quick Connector Hook)
  • Special: Extra strong towpoint in the front
  • Weight: 10.96
  • 3-chamber security system “we take care about safety”

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