Spinera SUP4 High Pressure 12V SUP Pump 16PSI

High pressure pump with 100 cm hose and AC charger. Both inflate and deflate options with an analog display. Rechargeable battery.

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General Info

Crafted from robust ABS material, this pump ensures reliable performance for your SUP adventures.

With a DC 12V voltage and a pressure range from 0-16 PSI, this pump is versatile and easy to operate.


Included in the package are a 100cm long air hose, a 12V DC adapter, a USB battery charging cable, and 5 different valve adapters for maximum compatibility.

The pump boasts a power output of 110W with the blower and 100W with the compressor, ensuring swift and efficient inflation.

Analog setting of the desired air pressure allows for precise operation, and the automatic shutdown ensures the pump stops once the desired pressure is reached.


Weighing at 2.6 kg, it is lightweight and easy to transport.

The lithium battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh enables you to operate the pump wirelessly, or you can connect it via the 12-volt cigarette lighter socket.


The battery is charged exclusively via the included USB charging cable.

The inflation time for an 11 ft SUP board with a 15 cm drop stitch is approximately 10 minutes for 10 PSI and 15 minutes for 16 PSI.

With a full battery, you can inflate approximately 2-3 SUP boards, offering you maximum flexibility for your water sports adventures.


    • Material: ABS
    • Voltage: DC 12V
    • Pressure: 0-16 PSI, analog pressure setting, autostop once pressure is achieved
    • Accessories: Air-hose 100cm / 12 V DC Adapter / USB cable for battery charging / 5 different valve adapters included
    • Power: 110W with blower use or 100W with compressor use
    • Battery capacity: Lithium battery, 4000mAH
    • airflow: 350 L/min with blower (stage 1) or 70L/min with compressor (stage 2)
    • pump can be used for inflation or deflation
    • Weight: 2,60KG

    Pump works:

    • with integrated battery or
    • with 12V DC cigarette adapter

    Battery charges:

    • only with USB cable

    Inflation time 11 ft Sup Board with 15cm Dropstich:

    • for 10 PSI – about 10 minutes
    • for 15 PSI – about 15 minutes

    • about 2-3 Sup-Boards can be filled with a full battery


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