West System GFlex 650K Repair Kit

G/flex 650 Epoxy is the result of years of experimentation to develop a toughened epoxy that was simple to use and would adhere tenaciously to a variety of materials under difficult conditions.

G/flex 650 is all that, and more. It is a marine-grade glue that can be accurately mixed in small batches with a simple 1:1 mix ratio. It has the advantage of a long open working time and a relatively short cure time.

G/flex 650 is, first of all, a high-strength epoxy—designed for permanent, waterproof, structural bonding. Furthermore, G/flex has a modulus of elasticity of 1.03 GPa, which gives G/flex the toughness to make structural bonds that can absorb the stresses of expansion, contraction, shock, and vibration.

G/flex adheres tenaciously to difficult-to-glue hardwoods, both tropical and domestic varieties—white oak, Ipe, teak, greenheart, purpleheart and black walnut to name a few. G/flex also has the ability to glue damp woods. It can be used on wet surfaces, even underwater when applied with specific techniques.

G/flex is ideal for bonding a variety of other materials, including dissimilar ones—metals, plastics, glass, masonry as well as fibreglass.

Users can blend G/flex 650 Epoxy Adhesive with WEST SYSTEM 105 Resin-based epoxy combinations to modify toughness, flexibility, cure speed, viscosity, strength, and elongation. The epoxy blend will have properties/characteristics derived from both epoxy systems, roughly in proportion to the percentage of each epoxy in the blend.

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General Info

  • Small hole repair
  • Repairing splits, cracks and delaminations
  • Plastic canoe & kayak repair
  • Aluminium boat seam repair
  • Wood construction and repair
  • Joining wood

Additional Info

The 650-K G/flex Repair Kit contains:

  • 118ml G/flex 650 Resin
  • 118ml G/flex 650 Hardener
  • 2x Reusable mixing stick/applicators
  • 2x 12cc Syringes
  • 4g Adhesive filler
  • 2x Mixing cups
  • 2 Pairs of disposable gloves