Wurth Hexagon Nut w/ Clamping Piece (non-metal insert) A4

  • Standards: DIN 985
  • Material: Stainless steel A4
  • Surface: Plain
  • RoHS-compliant: Yes
  • Form: Low
  • Locking device operating principle: Clamping part polyamide ring
  • Locking function: Locking against loosening by clamping
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  • M10 x 10mm
  • M12 x 12mm
  • M14 x 14mm
  • M3 x 4mm
  • M4 x 5mm
  • M5 x 5mm
  • M6 x 6mm
  • M8 x 8mm

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Additional Info

Nuts with reduced load capacity
Hexagon nuts with lower nominal height complying with the withdrawn DIN 985 standard cannot support test loads as per DIN EN ISO 20898-2
The strength class designation has two vertical bars added before and after the strength code to differentiate.
DIN 985 has been replaced by ISO 10511, 10512 and 7040
When the bolt-nut connection is established, the screw thread is secured by the plastic ring. The high level of friction created by the clamping forces between the thread profiles generates the locking torque necessary to maintain the preload force.
No damage to the thread surfaces
Operating temperature range: -70 °C to +120 °C