Wurth Hexagonal Bolt w/ Thread up to the head M8

ISO 4017 steel 8.8 zinc-nickel silver (ZNSHR)

    • Thread type x nominal diameter: M8
    • Length: 20 mm
    • Head height: 5.3 mm
    • External drive: WS13
    • Standards: ISO 4017
    • Material: Steel
    • Property class: 8.8
    • Surface: Zinc nickel silver
  • Corrosion protection period: 600 h
  • Head type: Hexagon head
  • Drive type: Outer hexagon
  • Thread type: Metric thread
  • Thread form: Standard metric thread
  • Thread design: Full thread
  • Product class: A
  • RoHS-compliant: Yes
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  • 16mm
  • 20mm
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General Info

Connection elements with a galvanised chromium (VI)-free zinc-nickel coating are suitable for applications with a high risk of corrosion. The coating comprises a zinc-nickel alloy layer and a sealing coat (top coat with integrated lubricating particles).

Overview of advantages:

    • Corrosion resistance of up to 720 hrs to base metal corrosion in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9227 NSS
    • Adjusted friction coefficient range of 0.12 μ–0.18 μ due to top coat with integrated lubricating particles, thermal capacity up to 120°C
    • Even coat distribution
  • Functional and decorative

ISO 4017 replaces DIN 933 | There is some compatibility | Nominal size extended | Widths across flats for M10, M12, M14 and M22 changed.