Yak Taurus Gen 2 70N

Given the Yak design team’s background in making PFDs for the harshest environments on the planet, and highly demanding users, why not produce a whitewater PFD that incorporates the lessons learned during those technical projects and offers their benefits for the best possible product at the best possible price.

The Taurus takes comfort and freedom in a whitewater PFD to a whole new level. Its 4D Cast shaped front panels literally wrap around the body like a warm caress, and the minimalist back panel… well, you won’t even know it’s there! The second-generation Taurus takes all the goodness of its predecessor and adds improved storage options, whilst still having the ability to add a rescue belt, for those more serious trips.

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  • 4D Cast technology combined with Supersoft foam to offer supreme wearer comfort
  • Heavy-duty outer cover material to improve wear characteristics and product longevity
  • Optional quick-release harness belt, which can be worn right or left-handed
  • Enclosed rear panel to give cleanest harness attachment point
  • Updated front pocket design features extra storage space, plus a separate internal phone pocket.
  • Separate knife pocket to speed deployment
  • External mounting points with lash tab spacing to easily accept accessories
  • Stretch mesh side and inner panels improve drainage
  • Internal waist adjustment reduces overall fit height, improving cross-body movement
  • Padded shoulder adjustment to allow a wide size range adjustment
  • Shoulder grip panels to aid boat carrying

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