ZAR Formenti 47

Half way between small and medium ribs, The 47 can easily be classed as a medium rib because of its internal dimensions, which give it enormous livability, comfort and great sailing qualities.

Four spacious front running seats are available.

Like all the other ZARs it has two separate sun bathing beds of amazing dimensions, 4.86 meters long and 2.32 wide. The loading capacity is stunning: 6 enormous storage areas including one for mooring equipment, oars, mooring lines etc. and they are all easy to access.

It is streamlined and slender and every detail has been built with special care. The balance between elegance and practicality, space and solidness are unique.

Perfect balance even for its sailing performance: very supple and easy to manoeuvre, it assures soft impact with the waves even on high speed. “Slim” like all the ZAR models, the 47 is ideal for those who require good performance, space, comfort and construction quality, but also want a boat that has moderate dimensions and therefore easy to move about.


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  • Classic
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General Info

Thanks to the ingenious and patented design of its luxury pleasure boats , the famous Milanese shipyard has stood out from other manufacturers for nearly 30 years. It is by being the only one to eliminate the presence of the floats on the front of the boat that it frees itself from the disadvantages of all tires and that it revolutionizes the rules of layout.


The hull of the Zar is also exceptional because it has side tunnels that deflect splashes . A long and high deep-V bow allows it to cut through the waves with flexibility, ensuring navigation comfort that is unparalleled today.


The Zar 47 is no exception to the reputation of the house by offering on board two prodigious sunbeds, 6 huge storage lockers and top-of-the-range fittings. A recognized meticulous manufacturing quality , which gives Zar all its prestige, on a manageable and efficient unit whose marine behavior is unique.


Classic or Classic Luxury Options

Available in 2 versions : the Zar 47 Classic Luxury offers carbon look cushions, a sports steering wheel and headrest cushions in addition to the characteristics of its first version, the Zar 47 Classic.

To complete its approach aimed at offering premium units that cannot be seen elsewhere, Zar Formenti has taken care to allow the owner to be able to personalize, thanks to a wide choice of colors, the hull, the floats, the strake and upholstery of his Zar.



  • Complete with VTR drive console with front seat,
  • rudder and handrail of stainless steel,
  • single cable steering,
  • windshield,
  • 1 indoor compartment,
  • waterproof door,
  • console seat cushion and seat back;
  • stainless steel ladder with dashboard on VTR;
  • 2 bollards and 4 handrails made of stainless steel;
    stainless steel anchor winch nose;
  • 3 gas springs for afterpeak and forepeak covers;
  • prow cushion,
  • stern cushion,
  • stern headrest cushion,
  • padded stern
  • backrest,
  • repair kit,
  • inflation pump,
  • pressure gauge,
  • paddle oars,
  • oars with rowlock pin.
  • (All cushions are made of closed cell expanded polyurethane).



Same features of the classic ZAR 47 improved with white/grey carbon style cushions upholstery, sport driving wheel, n° 3 bow backrest cushions


  • Static self emptying
  • Homologation “CE cat. “C”
  • Length m 4.86
  • Width m 2.32
  • Internal walking length m 4.80
  • Internal walking width m 1.80
  • Intertubular width m 1.28
  • Tubular diameter cm 52
  • N. tubular compartments n. 6
  • Seating capacity n. 8
  • Net dinghy weight(with standard equipment, without liquids and motor) ± 10% variable datum kg 380
  • Potenza max. applicabile kW 86/CV 115
  • Maximum power applicable kW 85/HP 115
  • Minimum power applicable kW 30 HP 40
  • Power recommended kW 30/67 HP 40/90
  • Engine shaft length L
  • Max. weight installable motors kg 220
  • CE certification with “C” design category and CE type testing. (A+a form).

Additional Info

  • Stainless steel about 100 l tank
  • Tank installation in accordance with EC standards
  • Reticular polyethylene fuel tank of about 100 lt.
  • Reticular polyethylene fuel tank installation in accordance with EC standards
  • Overturning stainless steel roll-bar
  • Roll-bar installation with running lights, anchorage lights, horn and wiring
  • Bilge pump installation
  • Beacon ready installed on roll-bar/console
  • Electric panel
  • Auxiliary engine support
  • Prow sunbed extension with limber board and table legs
  • “Stand up” cushion
  • Total night cover
  • Partial night cover
  • Console cover
  • Shower Complete with surge tank, tank in prow,outdoor embarkation and installation
  • Complete dingy heuling belt kit for launch/accommodation
  • Prow stuffing (n 3 peice)
  • Flexi-teak for cockpit
  • Flexi-teak installation
  • Nautical camping tent
  • Sunroof 2 arch
  • Rear telescopic sun-cover for roll-bar
  • Prow sunroof (rear telescopic sun-cover extension)
  • Side canopy(1) for telescopic sun-cover