Zegul Reval LV

Reval kayaks are British style kayaks with slightly more volume.


Reval series kayaks have superb stability and performance in all sea conditions. Reval kayaks are responsive and really easy to turn. The hull is designed with rocker and upswept bow and stern. The initial stability of the Reval kayaks is a little higher, providing a secure feeling. Reval is a superb sea touring kayak suitable for paddlers who are looking for a nice British style kayak that can handle more challenging sea conditions. The kayak deck is equipped with 1 oval hatch, 1 round hatch (2 oval hatches for the Reval MV), a mini-box in the front and a day-hatch for easier access into the compartments.


The Reval LV is the lowest volume kayak in the series. LV is perfect for a medium sized paddler who wants to enjoy a roomier cockpit area. The LV cockpit with thigh braces provides an easier entry and good support.

The Reval series kayaks are equipped with a SmartTrack rudder and a retractable skeg. The Reval LV, MV and HV are all available in Zegul A-Core lay-up.

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General Info


This lay-up increases durability and stiffness of the kayak, absorbing even less energy during paddling and withstanding the most challenging environments. All ZEGUL A-CORE built kayaks are equipped with sandwich reinforced keel area – ensuring scratch and impact strength. Hull and deck are joined using internally both fiberglass and aramide taping, externally a very robust aramide taping. All decks are built in sandwich construction.

Products using this technique:
Easy, Play, Nuka, Reval, Saga, Bara, Searocket, Greenland GT, Greenland T, Torpedo, Völsung, Dreki


  • SHALLOW V HULL For fast acceleration, straight-line speed
  • SMARTTRACK RUDDER For better maneuverability and control
  • RECTABLE SKEG For better control in wind and waves
  • 3 HATCHES For storing all your kayaking gear


  • LENGTH-490 CM (16’1’’)
  • WIDTH-54 CM (21¼”)
  • COCKPIT-80X42 CM (31½”X16½”)
  • WEIGHT A-CORE-22 KG (48 LBS)
  • STORAGE: REAR-OVAL HATCH 44X26 CM (17”X10¼’’)
  • STORAGE: DAY HATCH-15 CM (6’’)
  • SPRAYSKIRT SIZE-XL: 94 X 54.5 CM (37″ X 21½”)

Additional Info

All our kayaks and products carry a two-year guarantee on any factory defects. 


We encourage all potential kayak buyers to come and view the products and discuss the many options available.  We have been kayaking for over 40 years and can help in any queries you may have.  Don’t get confused with hull shapes, rocker, primary stability, or secondary stability as we will explain it all!


We are open daily and on Saturdays. Please send us an email on sales@ritzmarine.com with any questions you may have.