Malta is arguably one of the nicest places to kayak. The pristine coastline and crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean sea offer a unique blend of natural beauty and man-made architecture with historical significance which makes Kayaking in Malta and Gozo a must. Paddle along beautiful beaches, rocky cliff faces, under natural rock formations, inside caves or along century old bastions used during the war – the choice is yours!

The Zegul Greenland T underneath the Great Siege Bell Memorial Valletta

The photo above shows the magnificent Zegul Greenland T exiting the Great Siege Bell Memorial cave in Valletta during one of the Malta Paddlers events.

Malta is only 27km long by 14.5km wide is tiny by most standards, however the coastline exploration is never ending! Kayakers who have been kayaking for over 30 years keep finding new spots they’ve never seen before, new caves and new view points!

The temperature in Malta generally ranges from 8°C in the coldest months to 31°C in the warmer summer months. These are ideal temperatures for all-year round kayaking. Technical clothing is highly recommended to protect against the sun throughout summer.

Enjoy a few more pictures taken by Malcolm Manduca of Zegul kayaks exploring in Malta.

The images above were kindly sent to us by Malcolm Manduca. They were taken during his paddles with Ruben Lofaro and Charles Brincat (in the photo with three kayaks). Malcolm owns a Zegul Ormen MV (Skeg + Rudder) and Ruben is with his Tahe Marine/Zegul Playspirit and Epic V5.