As of today, we proudly announce that Ritz Marine are the official distributors for Fliteboard in Malta.

Fliteboard have also appointed Ritz Marine as the only authorised service dealer and Fliteschool on the island!

Experience freedom like never before while flying on the water. This is a great addition to your yacht, boat or as a personal watercraft.

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Fliteboard is 100% electric

What is eFoiling?

EFoiling is one of the most fascinating types of watersports and can almost be deemed the “future of watersports.” It provides surfers with spectacular experiences on previously unrideable waves. EFoiling can be done on any body of water, including the ocean, lakes and rivers. You don’t need waves to propel the eFoil since the motor does it for you. Discover rare maritime creatures, explore new rivers and surf ocean waves with your eFoil.

How Does an eFoil Work?

Fliteboard in action

Starting from the bottom, the eFoil has two foil wings — a front and a rear wing. Respectively, these wings create lift and help stabilize the board. Next, the fuselage is a bar that attaches perpendicularly to the mast and wings, creating stability. The wings and fuselage mimic the shape of a paper airplane. 

The electric propeller mounted just above the wings and fuselage propels the board over the water. The mast holds and connects the bottom components to the board, creating enough pressure underneath to lift the board in the air and out of the water.

A rechargeable battery, kept in the board itself, and a virtually silent electric motor powers the eFoil. A handheld wireless remote that connects through Bluetooth operates the eFoil. 

Why Fliteboard?

Experience the Freedom

Flite are continually innovating and developing new technologies that, when scaled, have the potential to create a future of quiet, clean ocean enjoyment and water transport.

Fliteboards are able to carry an 80kg human at foiling speed using less than 700 watts of battery powered electricity. They are quiet above the water, and have an underwater acoustic profile that is significantly less impactful than even the smallest petrol marine motor. They are manufactured to commercial grade and built to last.

‘Fliteboards are possibly the world’s most efficient and environmentally friendly powered marine vehicles.’ – David Trewern

Now you can get your Fliteboard in Malta from the local agents, family owned Ritz Marine.

Rest assured that you are in good hands when purchasing Fliteboard. Our trained staff will get you started in no time and our engineering team who are authorised by Fliteboard will ensure that you get the best possible service.