Jetsurf is an increasingly popular sport around Europe and in Malta, and with good reason.

We may be biased, but for us, Jetsurf is the ultimate watercraft! Some of the main features include:

  • Full carbon, 20kg carbon chassy
  • Top speeds of 30kn or 55km/hr
  • Riding time of close to 3 hours!
  • Easy to store, carry and maintain.

Since the board is only 20kg, it is super easy to carry around and get to the sea!

Ryan with his Jetsurf Adventure DFI 2022 board.

Take a look at some of the footage below from our last Jetsurf session. We left from St Thomas bay and explored Munxar area.

Sara going through the Munxar Arch on her Jetsurf.

We also provide lessons to interested buyers. During our Munxar expedition, we had a potential client join in with the fun! We first started him off with the Jetsurf tube which increases buoyancy, but Jordan managed to stand also without the tube on his first try! Take a look at the image below!

Jordan starting off on the Adventure DFI

Get in touch with us to get your dream watercraft today! We will guide you accordingly and stock a wide range of Jetsurf boards. For beginners we recommend the Jetsurf Adventure DFI or Adventure DFI Plus. For more advanced riders we recommend the Cruiser DFI and Race DFI.

Thank you for reading!