Fliteboard Series 3

The best all-rounder for any level of experience and riding style. Short enough for performance with enough volume and stability to support early aquaplaning.


Ritz Marine are proudly the official distributors for Fliteboard  as well as the official service center and the official Fliteschool (coming soon). Read more in our blog post here.


Fliteboard, the Australia-based global electric hydrofoil innovator, is pleased to announce the release of the most comprehensive and advanced range of eFoils on the market, Series 3. Fliteboard’s latest release represents the purest expression of the ultimate ride, where riders can pursue even more freedom and expression on the water. With design, innovation, performance and community at the core of the Flite brand, Series 3 promises riders more freedom and more life.


Flite is pioneering the future of electric hydrofoil technology. Series 3 is our purest expression of design, performance and craftsmanship.

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Fore more advanced riders we suggest the Fliteboard PRO or UTLRA. For beginners we suggest the Fliteboard AIR.


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General Info

At Flite, we are relentless in our pursuit of innovation. Fliteboarding (or eFoiling) is evolving as a sport, and our engineers are obsessed with developing new technologies that offer benefits to different types of riders in different conditions. Our customers are pioneers too, and many want to expand their Fliteboard experience and try new ways of riding. 


With the introduction of Series 3 we now offer two base propulsion options:


1. Propeller propulsion (Flite Propeller or True Glide)

2. Jet propulsion (Flite Jet)


The most powerful and efficient propulsion system. Remove the prop guard for enhanced performance. Get in touch with a member of our team for guidance. Read more here.


Hydrofoil Innovation

Flite Jet flying on cloud nine


The safest, smoothest ride gives you peace of mind as you glide above the water.


Safety Fully shielded impeller reduces risk of contact while you hydrofoil for peace of mind.
Smoothest Ride Flite Jet is beautifully simple and precisely engineered. It creates an unbroken water stream to silently and smoothly propel you into the future. 
Smallest Our expert hydrodynamicists developed the world’s smallest eFoil jet for riders up to 100kg. 
Matching wings Cruiser Jet wings are perfectly paired with Flite Jet for the most stable and efficient glide. 
Dual Drive Cruise the lake with friends or family on Flite Jet then switch to the True Glide prop for wave riding. Dual Drive lets you change systems in seconds.  


Hydrofoil Excellence

Performance for the propeller heads. 


Our fibre-reinforced propellers provide market-leading thrust, efficiency and speed.


Perfect Pitch Flite Propeller and True Glide deliver low end drive with top end speed, along with stability, thrust and control. 
Torque and Performance Refined design enables learning to carve around race markers. Acceleration, control and sudden stops are possible. 
Considered Composites 30% glass fibre combined with high density nylon ensures lightweight power delivery, without the shaking or vibration often associated with heavier metal props. 
3 Blades Tri-design reduces cavitation and improves propelling efficiency. 


Maximum rider
Weight 20.3kg + Flitecell
Propulsion Prop + Guard OR Flite Jet
Flitecell / Battery Sport up to 90mins (Standard) or Explore up to 150 mins
Charger Standard or Fast Charger
Wing Sets Cruiser Jet 1500 (default) or Cruiser Jet 1800


Battery Options

Flitecell Nano for ultimate agility Flitecell Nano is the world’s smallest and lightest lithium-ion eFoil battery. With up to 45 mins foil time, it provides effortless manouvrability.
Flitecell Sport for sports enthusiasts Flitecell Sport comes standard with every Fliteboard configuration. With up to 1.5 hours foil time, it provides a fast and responsive ride.
Flitecell Explore for adventure seekers Flitecell Explore is a bigger battery containing more premium cells for a longer ride. Go further with up to 2.5 hours foil time
Flitecell Chargers Choose from 25A Flitecell Fast Charger or 13.5A Flitecell Charger.



Hydrofoil Power Containing premium 21700 cells, as used in electric hypercards, these cells deliver a more aggressive ride. Additional thermal headroom means they won’t overheat.
Titanium Reinforeced Titanium has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metal. It’s strong and corrosion resistant which is why we’ve used it to house or premium cells.



Phase Changing Materials Our range of Flitecells contain Phase Change Materials, which absorb and release energy. PCM provides enhanced thermal management, safety and longevity.
Advanced Battery Management System  Our BMS is unbeatable for a swift, safe charge and consistent temperature control. Three levels of fusing adds redundancy for electronics failures.
Sight Glass  Sight glass allows you to check for water in the battery compartment, but with a water resistance rating of IP67 that won’t be necessary.

Read more about Safety here.

What’s in The Box?

Flitecell Case


Fltie Controller

Wing Set


Two Years Warranty