Galaxy Kayaks Multi-Purpose Holder Clip

This Multipurpose holder unit is designed so that it can easily attach to any Galaxy Kayak model.

It has one stainless steel screw that can be screwed in to any of the copper fixtures placed along the rim of the kayak hull (remove a D ring if necessary).

The unit is made out of resistant plastic and rubber. The base has a ball and socket joint that allows you to place it into the desired position with ease.

The upper part of the unit consists of a grip clip with a strong spring mechanism. Open the clip by pushing it together, then place your device into the centre and release the mechanism to secure it tightly in place.

This multipurpose unit is capable of holding items as wide as 10cm. It is fully adjustable and comes with rubber tips for increased grip and protection.

This unit is ideal for holding two way radios, GPS devices, fish finders, mobile phones or any other device you need close to hand.Just be aware that items get wet so take necessary precautions.

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  • Multipurpose holder for radio, GPS, mobiles and fish finders etc
  • Rubber tips
  • Screws and rubber disc for mounting to kayak


  • Material: Plastic, rubber tips, stainless steel screws
  • Measures: 12cm x 5cm
  • Weight: 50g

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