International Danboline Bilge Paint

Danboline protects bilges, lockers and bulkheads against moisture penetration, and wear and tear. Danboline will resist oil and fuel spillage and cleans easily

International Damboline Bilge Paint is a specialized coating designed for the protection and enhancement of boat bilges. Here's a summary of its key features:

  1. Bilge Protection: Damboline Bilge Paint is formulated to safeguard the bilge area of boats from moisture, oil, fuel, and other substances that may cause corrosion or damage.

  2. Durable Coating: This paint offers a durable, tough finish, ensuring long-term protection in the demanding environment of a boat's bilge.

  3. Resistance: It provides resistance against water, chemicals, and abrasion, preserving the integrity of the bilge area and preventing deterioration.

  4. Adhesion: The paint adheres well to various surfaces commonly found in bilges, such as metal, wood, or properly primed fiberglass, ensuring comprehensive coverage and protection.

  5. Application: It is designed for easy application, allowing boat owners to efficiently coat and protect their bilges, contributing to the overall maintenance of the vessel.

International Damboline Bilge Paint is a reliable choice for boat owners seeking effective protection for their bilge areas, guarding against corrosion and damage caused by the harsh conditions within a boat's lower compartments.

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  • Grey
  • White
  • 2.5L
  • 750ml

General Info

Safety information

The safety datasheet contains detailed information for the current formulation of this product such as hazardous ingredients, first-aid measures, fire-fighting measures, handling and storage. To make sure you have the right datasheet, please find the corresponding colour and formula on your can. The formula is usually on the bottom. We provide safety datasheets for each latest formula.



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Contains detailed information on everything from the substances used to the application method.

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Good to know

  • Hardwearing coating for bilges, lockers and bulkheads
  • Chemical resistance to fumes, fuel and oil
  • High opacity ensures thorough coverage