Spinera Lets Go 2

This tube is made for the highest demands of durability. It is completely enclosed in a nylon cover, the two drawbar eyes are sewn at several draw points and the soft nylon handles with neoprene pads underneath stand for the excellent quality of Spinera.

Whether sitting comfortably or fighting as on a Roman chariot ... "The ultimate and multifunctional fun on the water! So let's go!

Inflatable buoy for 2 people. The buoy can be pulled in both directions. Either sit like a couch or kneel down for more action. High backrest for more protection for children. The buoy is completely covered in nylon and has many handles.

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  • Size: 62H*66W*29‘‘/157x168x74cm (inflated)
  • 26 Gauge
  • PVC Thickness: 0,65mm
  • Nylon Cover Thickness: 420D + 840D
  • Fully padded comfort Handles w. neoprene Knuckle Guards: 8
  • 2 Boston Valve for fast inflation & deflation
  • Quick Connector Hook
  • Weight: 11.78kg
  • 2-chamber security system “we take care about safety”
  • Comfortable/wide seating
  • Allows towing in 2 directions

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