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Wavesport Scooter XT Tandem

The all-new  Scooter X Tandem is the duo version of the new Scooter X.  Nicknamed the Scooter XT, this friendly and forgiving tandem will allow you to cruise with confidence whatever your experience. A smooth and predictable ride with true directional stability comes without compromising on manoeuvrability thanks to the combination of our tracking hull, upswept bow and perfectly balanced volume distribution.

Our iconic moulded in handles make this boat extremely manageable to carry which is especially useful on family outings where not all paddlers are able to help out!

The Scooter XT has received a full make-over compared to its predecessor when it comes to design.  The speed, glide, tracking, handling, manoeuvrability and stability that lead to the Scooter Gemini becoming a benchmark in sit-on top design all remains here in this full remodel.  However it certainly looks like a completely different kayak from the outset.

Modern Wave Sport styling injects some fun, attitude and wow into the Scooter X Tandem without altering the length, width or much loved ride performance of the kayak.  Some small tweaks to the scupper holes now standardise the scupper size (giving the paddler a choice of scupper bungs), as well as reducing water tension under the hull.  Extra volume at the front end will help the nose ride higher in the surf and give the paddler a drier ride.

The improvements are not just cosmetic, although it would be hard to walk past a Scooter XT without wanting a second look.  Improved footrests give a variety of paddlers good bracing positions whilst our WhiteOut SOT seats with seat pad and backrest provides comfort and support.  The new design also gives the Scooter X Tandem the capability of stacking one on top of another - this will make transporting or storing multiple Scooter XT’s easier and more secure.

Storage is improved with a rear tank well including purpose designed fixings for lashing down your kit.  Our screw hatchs now have moulded in buckets under the cover and there is one for both the front and back paddler.  A moulded in kids seat sits in the middle of the kayak allowing a small child to sit rear facing so the whole family can take to the water. All new purpose designed deck fittings complete the look of the stunning Scooter XT.  

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  • Black Ice
  • Cherry Bomb
  • Citrus Twist
  • Tropic
  • Twilight


  • 2x WhiteOut SOT Seats
  • Moulded Through Handles
  • Moulded In Footrests
  • Moulded In Rear Facing Kids Seat
  • 2x Screw Hatches with Moulded Buckets
  • Stowage Recess with Bungee
  • Tracking Hull
  • Self Bailing System
  • 2x Water Bottle Holders
  • Accessory Attachment Points
  • *2x Free Kit Bags Included


  • Length – 385cm / 12′ 8″
  • Width – 80cm / 32″
  • Weight – 28kg / 62lbs.
  • Max Capacity – 200kg / 441lbs

Additional Info

All our kayaks and products carry a two-year guarantee on any factory defects. 


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