ZAR Formenti 57

The ZAR 57 Well-Deck rose from the glorious ashes of the ZAR 57 Twin, the ancestor of all the ZARs. Fifteen years of experience are concentrated in this new model, which offers a well-deck with unusual space, functionality and usability.

Enhanced by numerous accessories such as very comfortable side pockets and about 160-liter fuel tank under the deck, preparation for an electric anchor winch and triple-function driver’s seat, the ZAR 57 Well-Deck has a new, very personal design that emphasizes and accompanies the thrust and dynamic equilibrium of its every element.

As if that were not enough, the new 57 has a longer, higher-performance hull than its celebrated predecessor, the winner of many Italian races thanks precisely to its exceptional hull lines.

Check it out in action here.

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Complete with VTR two-seater drive console with front seat for two and peak, rudder and handrail of stainless steel, hydraulic steering, windshield, one indoor compartment, n 2 doors, front console seat cushion and seat back; anatomic driver’s seat for two permitting driving in a semi-seated position; stainless steel ladder with 2 dashboards on VTR; 4 bollards, 3 stainless steel handles, 2 rubbon handless, 2 stainless steel grab rods in prow; stainless steel
anchor winch nose with stainless steel shield; gas springs for afterpeak and forepeak covers; prow cushion; stern cushion; stern headrest cushion; padded stern backrest which may also be used to extend stern sun bed; 3 headrest cushions for prow; tank of about 160 lt installable in accordance with EC regulations; repair kit; inflation pump; pressure gauge, paddle oars. (All cushions are made of closed cell expanded polyurethane.)

Same features of the classic ZAR 57 WD improved with white/grey carbon style cushions upholstery, sport driving wheel, swim platforms, switch panel.



  • Static self emptying
  • Homologation “CE cat. “C”
  • Length m 5.77
  • Width m 2.54
  • Internal walking length m 5.70
  • Internal walking width m 2.00
  • Intertubular width m 1.44
  • Tubular diameter cm 53
  • N. tubular compartments n. 6
  • Seating capacity n. 12
  • Net dinghy weight kg 680
  • (with standard equipment, without liquids and motor) ± 10% variable datum
  • Maximum power kW 114/HP 155
  • Minimum power kW 52/ HP 70
  • Power recommended kW 67/111
  • (average performance) HP 90/150
  • Engine shaft length L
  • Max. weight installable motors kg 340
  • CE certification with “C” design category and CE type testing. (A+a form).

Additional Info


  • Stainless steel roll-bar
  • Roll-bar installation with running lights,anchorage lights, horn and wiring
  • Beacon ready installed on roll-bar/console
  • Prow sunbed extension with limber board and table legs
  • Auxiliary engine support
  • Total night cover
  • Partial night cover
  • Console cover
  • Seat cover
  • Left stern deck with folding ladder
  • Right stern deck
  • Shower Complete with surge tank, tank in prow,outdoor embarkation and installation
  • Complete dingy heuling belt kit for launch/accommodation
  • Anchor windlass installed with motor, cable, chain and double controls (in console and anchor housing)
  • Eletric panel
  • 7 kg stainless steel anchor
  • Wake board kit complete with counterplates
  • Eletric refrigerator (12/24V)
  • Flexi-teak for cockpit
  • Felxi teak for the bridges
  • Flexi-teak installation
  • Nautical camping tent
  • Sunroof 3 arch
  • Rear telescopic sun-cover for roll-bar
  • Prow sunroof (rear telescopic sun-cover extension)
  • Side canopy(1) for telescopic sun-cover