Zegul Arrow Play LV

The LV is a smaller version of the Zegul Arrow Play MV. It is a sleek and elegant performer with excellent maneuvering and playing capabilities. 


The Play LV gives the smaller paddler a tighter fit resulting in high control over the kayak. The hull has a high degree of rocker and a fairly high volume in the bow. The mid-section has a slightly rounded hull profile making it very smooth form edge to edge. This combined with the hard chines makes the Play LV a joy to paddle. The edge is rock solid and the Play LV has a very nice glide though the water.

The most important keywords describing Zegul Play LV is versatility and fit – it fits the smaller or athletically built paddlers of almost all skill levels. It is stable without sacrificing maneuverability and speed.

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  • 3D C-Core
  • A-Core
  • Carbon
  • Black-Red-Carbon
  • Carbon Black
  • White-Red-White


  • Standard features – Light weight click-on hatches, thigh pads, aramide seam, rubber deck beads, retractable skeg
  • Optional features – Aramide reinforced keel strip, compass, rudder
  • Length – 509 cm (16’8″)
  • Width – 53,5 cm (21″)
  • Capacity approx. – 145 kg (320 lbs)
  • Cockpit – 81 x 41,5 cm (31½” x 16¼” )



  • A-CORE – 24-26 kg (53-57 lbs)
  • 3D C-CORE – 21-24 kg (46-53 lbs)
  • ROCK SOLID – 24-26 kg (53-57 lbs)



  • Front, Round Hatch – 24 cm (10″)
  • Mini-box: Round Hatch – 20 cm (8″)
  • Day-hatch: Round Hatch – 15 cm (6″)
  • Rear, Oval Hatch – 44 x 26 cm (17″ x 10¼”)


Retractable skeg + rudder / skeg

Additional Info

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