Fliteboard Pro

Freestyle ready, to level up your riding.


Fliteboard PRO is responsive, manoeuvrable and can journey with you from enthusiast to pro. It’s the ultimate choice for those with previous boardsports experience or lighter weight riders.


  • Choose between a carbon fibre or fibreglass board.
  • Swap between jet and prop.
  • Optional footstraps.

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The other models in this range are the standard Fliteboard Series 3, Fliteboard Ultra and Fliteboard AIR.


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  • Carbon
  • Carbon Classic
  • Fibreglass
  • Ash
  • Black
  • Bronze
  • Coral
  • Green
  • Saltbrush
  • Silver
  • White

General Info

This board comes in three material finishes which are Fibreglass, Carbon Classic and Carbon.


Carbon Fibre boards are crafted with our signature Italian Carbon Innegra, Fliteboard PRO offers riders superior strength and lightness.


The Fibreglass boards are durable and high performance, at a more accessible price. New fibreglass option comes in a premium matte finish.

What’s in The Box?

Small but fierce

At 5 foot and 67 litres, Fliteboard PRO feels like an extension of the rider.

Wave riding

True Glide prop lets you Fliteboard with and without the use of the motor.


Master your ride

Three mast sizes now available: 60, 75 or 80cm. From beginner friendly to carving deeper turns and mastering waves.

Dual Drive

Flite’s unique propulsion design
lets you change from jet to prop in
seconds. No tools required. Learn More here.

A strapping idea

Fliteboard PRO in black now comes with footstraps, making it jump friendly and the preferred choice for many freestyle riders.

Activate 'pro mode'

Riders can boost performance and responsiveness by replacing the prop guard with the Pro Tail Cover. Up to 20% more efficient.